Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hello everyone

Well hello everyone. The heat we are facing here in Australia at the moment is relentless. Nothing but hot, hot, hot. all of a sudden we get a day a little cooler and as we think yes its stopped, back it comes. There is no escape. Air conditioner running all the time. Fans in bed room flat out and we get little sleep.

We had a fire about 20kms from our home yesterday. Our wonderful CFA had it in control very fast. None the less our fire plan was activated. Today was a total fire ban but all went smooth in our area.

On our home front.....Grrrrrr, my beautiful boys are getting a little cranky. What do I do? Early bed and they get no sleep, stay up in the cool and they get no sleep? where are you? Bahahaha bad mum is thinking some very natural photos of faces that I have not put on a 12x12 before. I'm guessing all you mums know the ones I mean. Hehehehe, I'm off now to find the camera.

Please come back and have a look at my blog again. A couple of my latest layouts will be going up in the next few days. Please stay safe and god bless you all. Happy crafting. 

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