Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Dereel Fire......Approx 6km from home

Today has been a very scary day for my family and friends. 
We are a very close community and this fire has effected, Dereel
Corindhap, Mt Mercer and it is far from over. We live only 6km 
approx. from the fire and my parents approx. 500m from it. So as
you can guess we have been very lucky. Some of our friends have 
not been though. My prayers are with them and those still in bad

To our local CFA boys and those who have come from lots of 
different places we thank you. Your hard work and dedication 
to protect us and try to save our homes is amazing. Each and 
everyone of you are our hero's.

This is what our fire fighters were still facing earlier tonight. 
There have been 5 injuries and homes lost. I will leave the 
posting of my Easter cards until tomorrow. 

So to all out there that have txt or called I think you. To those 
have helped us or friends I thank you. To those who await the
cards i have done......please be patient they will be up soon. 
Love all. XXXX  

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