Thursday, 9 May 2013

Guest Design Position

This is the LO I submitted for my position as Guest Designer for 
They have awesome boy challenges and as you can see my boys 
are that.....Boys all the way lol. The water smelt, not only did the 
mud make them black but so did the water. They loved it though. 

With these close ups you will be able to see by Harley's  bright
orange shirt what the water was like. They didn't care though. 
They had a ball and I must admit it was fun to watch them. All
of it was fun till they had to be showed and we were no longer 
in the open and could smell the truth behind the fun.

Oh and yes not forgetting the gum boots. They were nice and full
and many a time they would go splat down because the had their 
feet bogged in the mud. The socks found the bin. A mum has to 
draw a line some times.

BUT.....Boys Will Be Boys.....LOL

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