Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mothers Day Card


I made this card for my beautiful mother. My mum is a very
beautiful person and the back bone to my family. As sick as 
she is, she rarely misses a day coming to our home.  If she 
can't come the phone will ring.

My Mum..... She has a beautiful heart. She never speaks ill of
people and can find an excuse for anyone's bad behavior. She 
likes everything simple. Never dresses fancy, no makeup, no
bling just a wedding ring. No mess, no flowers in the house 
(they make her sick) but in the garden is great. The biggest thing
of all is she loves Riley, Harley and me unconditionally. She 
picks us up when we fall, cuddles us when we cry, laughs with us,
and always tells us she loves us even when mad with us. 

When I made this card I knew straight away it had to be simple.
I knew she would love that. She loves the crops of sunflowers in
the district if anyone has them in when we go anywhere. 

This is just what we wanted her to do......take a seat.
Did she.....as much as we could make her. She says she sits enough
and sleeps enough on her bad days. Mothers Day was a good day.



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