Friday, 11 November 2016

Dream Weaver & Love You Everyday

I have two layouts I would like to share with you and they are both from classes by
Heather McMahon and both were some time ago. 
I was doing a cleanup and sort out, you know one of the over due things we all need to do with our scrap rooms/areas. While doing this I come across both of these kits and the first one was partly done and the second was not even started, bad me. So I decided it was time to get them finished and I must say I'm more than happy with the results. 

Now for the first - This photo is of my eldest son Riley after a swim meet a few years ago now.

Now for the second page and the photo I chose to use is of my youngest son Harley which was also taken some time ago.

Thank you so much for stopping in and I hope you like both of these pages and that I have been able to inspire you as much as Heather's work inspires me.
Happy Crafting XXX


  1. Hi Brenda, I hope your weekend is going well.. Heather has such wonderful and imaginative designs for her layouts and I loved the class i did with her a couple of years ago in Brisbane.. These two layouts look fabulous, great techniques and colors.. great photos too.. I bet you are glad to have completed them! I hope you are much much better now!! xx

  2. Such gorgeous layouts Brenda, love the dream catcher one and the background work on your second page looks fab. Xx